Bryan Whitaker

1988 Jeep Wrangler

Dana 60 rear end full width, w/ a Detroit locker and 5.13 gears.Rev cut dana 44 up front w/ a ARB locker and 5.13. Long spline front driveline w/1350 joints. Rear is a 1350 CV with a 1410 ujoint on the 60. The power comes from a TBI Chevy 350 that goes to a SM465 trans to a chevy 203 then to a Ford 205, With 32 spline input and out shafts. Over all crawl ratio is around 140 to 1. Tires are 38 14.5 SX on 15x10 steel wheels. Custom bumpers, fenders, YADA YADA, and the list goes on.