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Local sand dune playground

Last updated: July 15, 2004



1989 Jeep YJ Laredo


1990 Ford Mustang 302 (5.0L-HO)


NP435 4-speed, with 6.69:1 first gear

Transfer Cases

First: Switchable 2.0:1 gear reduction box from an NP203
Second: '72 Early Bonco Dana 20 (2.46:1 low), twin-sticks

Rear Axle

Ford 9" from 1986 Ford E150 Van, 4.10:1, Detroit, shortened to match the front end, full-floater with Dana 44 spindles and brakes (same as the front end), 4340 alloy shafts, 30-spline Warn hubs

Front Axle

Dana 44 from 1973 (Early) Bronco, 4.10:1, LockRight, Warn Premium hubs, and 1976 Chevy Blazer/1978 Ford Bronco disc brake swap, GM knuckle/BR Fabworks high steering


General Grabber 35" MTs on 15x8 white spoke wheels, 5x5.5" bolt pattern


Spring-over-axle (SOA) with 2" lift OME J1R springs all around, Rancho 5012s in the front, and F-series front shock towers

Other Stuff

Front CV shaft (1997 TJ) and rear CV shaft (1985 Bronco) 
ARB bullbar with MileMarker hydraulic 9500-lb winch
On-board air with the 302's compressor, and a 3-gallon tank
F-series front shock tower conversion
Chevy Blazer heater motor swap
'78 Lincoln brake master cylinder

Background (Who am I?)

My name's Chris Waterman.  I'm 29 (doh!) and I've owned my Jeep for about 3 years.  It's my first 4-wheel-
drive vehicle and the first non-car I've ever owned.  For me the best part of owning a Jeep is tinkering with it -
in fact it's safe to say that working on the Jeep is my first and best hobby.  The Jeep is a daily driver, so all mods
are done with that in mind!

I currently live, work, and 'wheel in beautiful Vancouver, BC, on the fantastic Canadian West Coast!


Follow these links for write-ups on some of the projects I've done:

In the bag:

Soon to come:

As you may have gathered, a disconcertingly large percentage of the Jeep is actually Ford these days.  This isn't
deliberate; it just so happens that old Ford truck drivetrain parts are common, cheap, and tough.  The 5.0L
engine was cheaper and easier to find around here than the tried-and-true Chevy 350, and just too cool to pass up!
Fortunately, I have no problems using Ford, GM, Dodge, or even Hyundai parts - if it's better than the part it's
replacing, in it goes! Brand loyalty is a real handicap, in my opinion…

Shaking your head at the money I've sunk into this crate?  So am I... But I comfort myself with these simple facts:

Trail Rides

 Been on lots, with a whole bunch of local offroaders:

...but I haven't written any trip reports yet.  They'll appear as soon as I get my ass in gear with this web page and start writing them.


Flexy Jeep
Fooling around in the Jeep 101 obstacle course at the 1998 Apex Jamboree

Sign of a good day's wheelin'
Nice and muddy after a nice long run along the Whipsaw trail

Almost got Larry (the photographer) wet
Playing in a puddle on Whipsaw

En route to the Hut Lakes
The first obstacle on the Hut Lakes trail

All crossed up
Larry found this spot for a quick articulation test on the Hut Lakes trail

Front-end detail - gotta extend those brake lines

The other side - that wheel tucks in OK

Good carb test - it failed the first time, tho'
Climbing a rock for the hell of it at Lower Hut Lake


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Bronco info/tech page

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