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  1. Toyota - Wanted
    I'm looking for a winch bumper for my 86 Toyota pickup. I can make modifications if needed I'm a ticketed welder and fabricator. Just don't have the time to build one. Thanks.
  2. Ford
    Hey guys, anyone attempted and/or completed the TFI remote relocation mod for bowl mounted TFI modules on late 80's Fords? hoping for any gotchas etc before i run out to pickapart to get the heatsink and wiring harness required. Cheers Warren
  3. Projects
    Hey Guys. how goes. finally got all the parts on order, "new" tranny here, pulled out all the shafts and u-joints so far, and t-case and getting ready to pull the tranny :). More pics to follow. :) Here is the truck before. T-Case out, ready to be mated to the "new" AOD pictured. Picked...
  4. Toyota Classifieds - For Sale
    ****SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD ********** I have my '86 Yota up for sale. It has 22RE engine with approx. 370k. Don't know much about the engine, just that it runs great, and just passed aircare last month. Its got new plugs, new brake master cylinder. This truck will run forever, unfortunately the...
  5. Ford - For Sale
    This truck has a 6.9L diesel that dropped a valve which made a mess of the cylinder wall, piston and head. There is a 4spd behind it and the transfer case is in the box. Good windshield, driveshafts, onboard air and rear bags. I dont think it has a Sterling diff, it may be a Dana.. not sure yet...
1-5 of 5 Results