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  1. For Sale Ads 4x4 Classifieds Only
    Currie 9" Front Diffs, Chromoly axles, Hydro steering Passenger side drop Currie factory shaved high clearance 9" hotrod housing, with hybrid Currie/Ford F-450 outers. Currie Sportsman Nodular 9" third member, Detroit Locker, 5.43 gears (compatible with Dana/Spicer 5.38), 1350 billet yoke...
  2. Projects
    When I first bought my samurai I thought the ride was rough with the stock leaf springs...then I lifted it with the TG 3" leafs and the ride got even worse. The common problem with the samurai is that the front springs are too short and have a way too stiff spring rate. So to fix the problem I...
1-2 of 2 Results