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  1. Jeep
    i got a 86 with 2.8/a904/np228 am. this is the one with the flip switch for 4x4 and the lever for 4L donor is 84 with 4.3/th350? so he said/ np207 this is single stick for all modes can i swap the TC's so i dont have to change the axle?? i cant find much online about it, well nothing...
  2. Chevy - For Sale
    4.3 v6 very clean, comes with pcm and all the plugs for the harness but the wires were cut, I was just going to get a new wiring kit when my buggy was ready. I just bought a V8 so this motor i never even touched. pm me on here or call me sixoh4 - 6I7 - o297 :beer
1-2 of 2 Results