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  1. Toyota
    Looking for options for before parking my Tacoma. ‘Simple’ brake job has gone stupid. ABS hydraulic control unit replaced two years ago with used from Alberta, $1100). Replaced again, as well as leaky wheel bearing. Now triggering uphill at 30km/hr. Apparently no used units in Canada with...
  2. General 4x4 Talk
    Hi all, Thanks to the search feature (:finger_1:) I was able to find positive reviews of two shops: - Bert's Automotive Transmissions (Surrey or Langley), and - Big Country Customs (BCC) / BC Supertrucks I realize BCC is a site sponsor. I also am aware of NSOR, and have heard about as much...
  3. Toyota - Wanted
    mine rusted and leaking everywhere need a new one that would be great if you have one and want to part with it just comment with your phone number and price thanks carl
  4. General 4x4 Talk
    i have a 1975 jimmy with a corp 14 in the rear and a dana 60 front. 350 cid, th350, np205, air locker in the front and a detroit in the rear. I have power bled the whole brake system about 6 times have gone through about 5-6 liters of brake fluid and i cannot get the pedal to come up, it is...
  5. General 4x4 Talk
    Been researching the $hit out of brake pads recently for my car and I came across this website that sells Kevlar Metallic brake pads? I’ve heard of semi-metallic and ceramic but never Kevlar Metallic, anyone have any idea what the quality of these pads are? discbrakepads.net sells them and there...
1-5 of 6 Results