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  1. Member Classifieds
    CALMINI winch bumper $600 obo for 00-05 Vitara, Grand Vitara, XL7. Tracker Hello, I have a brand new front winch bumper (CALMINI SK3157) for sale. It has never been used or installed. The reason I am selling it is because my Grand Vitara's transmission went toast before I could install it. It...
  2. Wanted Classifieds
    I need a winch bumper for a 1990 ford f-150 if you have one send a text to 604-614-7644 or PM me
  3. Wanted Classifieds
    I'm looking for a winch bumper for my 86 Toyota pickup. I can make modifications if needed I'm a ticketed welder and fabricator. Just don't have the time to build one. Thanks.
  4. Wanted Classifieds
    Looking for a bush bumper for my ford bronco! Let me know what you got!
  5. Wanted Classifieds
    Looking for a replacement bumper, no winch neccessary. Something outside of stock with built in recovery points for D-Rings :) Let me know what you have :) Thanks.
  6. Wanted Classifieds
    looking for a rear tube bumper for an 87 4runner.:anyone:
  7. Wanted Classifieds
    looking for an aftermarket heavy duty bumper for my truck (78 F250), if yopu have anything email pics to [email protected] , thanks.
  8. Member Classifieds
    $25 located in Kelowna. 250 681-0951 Pictures to follow.
  9. Ford
    Hello, I am new here and located in the Okanagan. I have a 1993 f150 extended cab 4x4 and the bumper is in a bad way ( bent, rusted..the works lol )...I am wondering if anyone knows what years the front and rear bumpers are interchangeable ( i have a buddy who has a parked 89 f150 regular cab...
  10. Wanted Classifieds
    Just grabbed an 85 runner. It needs alot. The springs are reverse bananad if thats a word, the seats are plentiful with mold, and alas, is bumperless. So the way I see it, might as well lift it if springs are needed. Maybe 4 or 6". Looking to grab cheap,unwanted,disregarded.misfit Toyota...
  11. Member Classifieds
    Best way to contact is phone. I won't have sufficient access to internet for the time being. Phone is 1 778 678 2884. No pics til the weekend (18th ish) - 3rd gen front chrome bumper, rusty $20 - 3rd gen rear plastic bumper $40 - 3rd gen 2wd rear axle, 5 bolt, v6, 3.88s, good shape $150 - 3rd...
1-12 of 13 Results