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  1. Suzuki
    My 87 samurai wont pass aircare and its just driving like $#!t, running extremely rich and seems like the choke is always on. It's going through fuel like crazy. I was told it may be the mixture control valve but no t 100% sure. Does anyone have this part? or even just a carb setup that will...
  2. Chevy
    i picked up a refurbished quadrajet for my 75 jimmy, i figured it couldnt be to far off from being factory tuned so i fired it up set my timing, set the idle mixture screws, didnt originally have a choke hooked up so it doesnt have one and went for a drive. when i hammer down on the gas pedal it...
  3. Jeep - For Sale
    This engine is from a 1989 YJ. I just changed the valve cover and Oil pan gaskets with the expensive gaskets (100. bucks!) . 50 miles or so on the engine since I did them. Rear main seal needs replacing. I have an engine lift here until it is sold. Carter carburetor from this engine and it...
1-3 of 3 Results