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  1. Toyota Classifieds - For Sale
    I have front and rear rebuilt (aftermarket ring and pinion) differentials from a 1993 Toyota 4Runner (V6 3.0L) with 260,000 km. The front diff has no A.D.D. Geared for 5.29 ratio, no lockers on diffs. Bought this truck 5 months ago and these were the diffs that came on it. I'm not interested...
  2. Toyota Classifieds - For Sale
    posting for a guy at work. piece is located in port moody . can bring home to mission. 96-02 4runner rear axle . complete drum to drum . 4.30 gears .new oem pinion bearing. $300 obo :clown THIS IS NOT AN E LOCKER !!!!:cwm23::shakehead:
  3. Jeep - Wanted
    want to rebuild the diff going into my xj and get rid of the disco while i am at it. preferably in the okanagan, but will consider greyhound at my expense if the price is right. thx, pm or email [email protected] shane
  4. International Harvester
    Unsure of year exactly but I do know they are from a scout. the front is complete including rotors and calipers, rear is missing all the brake guts, will include drums with it. should be 3.56 open in both. They will need to be cleaned up a bit, the front's do rotate, the rear does not...
  5. Jeep - For Sale
    In Kelowna, 3.55 geared c8.25, brake cylinders and spring hardware replaced last year. being removed for an 8.8 swap. Looking for $150 or offers/ trades? Shane
  6. Chevy - For Sale
    want to trade these axle shafts for same but 5lug. let me know what u got. thanks
  7. Wanted Ads 4x4 Only
    As per subject line, looking for a 4:10 toyota third member for the rear of my 84 pickup. Needs to be in decent shape so that I can swap it in without a rebuild.
  8. General 4x4 Talk
    So as the weather started to improve (at least on Saturday) I began to look at my Dana 44 that has been sitting in the yard since October. The time to start work has arrived.... Before I can even begin to think about my ARB and gears going in, I need to clean the axle really well. It had...
  9. Suzuki
    Anyone out there have a spare third member kicking around? my rear diff started making noise a few months ago and i'm afraid it's on its way out. Like I said, it's an 84 SJ410. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Chris
  10. Toyota Classifieds - For Sale
    Removed from low k. 1994 v6 Automatic truck. Removed and inspected and selling as a pair. $500. In Vancouver.
  11. Toyota Classifieds - For Sale
    Red on Grey. Broken V6. Brand new Aluminum rad. 4.56's front and rear. Good front bumper and valance. Rust free doors, and complete working tailgate. Let me know what you are looking for.
  12. For Sale Ads 4x4 Classifieds Only
    Removed from V6 auto 4runner. Inspected, and measured , and good to go. $350 for the pair.
1-12 of 12 Results