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  1. Ford - For Sale
    This is a project truck that I am looking to sell. Runs and sounds awesome! It's a 1971 body with a body swap onto a 94 Ford chassis. 5 speed. Dana 70 rear and Dana 60 front. 5/13's. Duel Fuel Tanks. The motor is a rebuilt, bored out 464 with about 30,000 k on it. Sitting on 37.5-14.5 Toyo Open...
  2. Ford - Wanted
    Looking for a short box for my project truck...prefer one that's not completely rotted out. Has to be from a 1973-1979 body style. Willing to travel for it and can pick up and pay cash, let me know if you have anything. Thanks
  3. Ford - For Sale
    This truck has a 6.9L diesel that dropped a valve which made a mess of the cylinder wall, piston and head. There is a 4spd behind it and the transfer case is in the box. Good windshield, driveshafts, onboard air and rear bags. I dont think it has a Sterling diff, it may be a Dana.. not sure yet...
1-3 of 6 Results