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  1. Fabrication
    Hey Guys. In the middle of doing a shackle flip on the bronco, and am ready to bolt in my new hangers. A few of the tutorials I've read suggest pulling the gas tank, and maybe the rear bumper to get the bolts in, and they suggest welding them in place. I was thinking wouldn't it make more...
  2. Ford
    Hey guys, I have a question/thought. I just found out today, i actually have a 302, not the 351w the previous owner told me it had sob.... I mean hey its still a strong engine, pulls well, no real gripes. But of course in the spirit of Tim Taylor, i want more power :) I don't plan on doing...
  3. Ford
    Hey guys, anyone attempted and/or completed the TFI remote relocation mod for bowl mounted TFI modules on late 80's Fords? hoping for any gotchas etc before i run out to pickapart to get the heatsink and wiring harness required. Cheers Warren
  4. Wanted Classifieds
    Mine died, hoping i dont have to spend 140 bux or so on a new one :(
  5. Ford
    Well i was driving to the tim hortons this morning and it died. I pulled over, opened up the hood, looking for anything standing out, did the cursory wiggle test on everything, and it started up, made it to timmy's then died and won't start. I did a KOEO and i get code 31, the 18 from the...
  6. Ford
    Hey guys hoping someone can shed some light on the issue i'm facing. I"m getting a pretty significant vibration in my seats/rear end direction of hte truck when accelerating through and decelerating through 30-60km/h. I've now replaced the transmission, replaced all u-joints, had the...
  7. Member Classifieds
    Hey guys, looking for a Ford 8.8 with 3.55 gears, or any other rear end with 3.55 gears that'd bolt into my bronco with little or no mods.
  8. Ford
    Hey guys, well I have a bit of a dilemma. As per some previous posts my rear brakes munched themselves last time out, and am facing a FULL rebuild. Im getting a ton of vibrations coming out of the rear end at 30-50K then it goes away, and also have noticed a pinion seal leaking now, so...
  9. Projects
    Hey Guys. how goes. finally got all the parts on order, "new" tranny here, pulled out all the shafts and u-joints so far, and t-case and getting ready to pull the tranny :). More pics to follow. :) Here is the truck before. T-Case out, ready to be mated to the "new" AOD pictured. Picked...
1-9 of 11 Results