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  1. For Sale Ads - Other Stuff
    $300 - ZODI Hot Vent Tent Heater, battery included - 20,000 BTU Helping a friend (located in North Delta) who is selling his Zodi Tent Heater HP, which he has never used. Still in the box, and includes a battery. Asking $300.00 The High-Performance 20,000 BTU model is the #1 pick for...
  2. Hunting and Fishing
    Hey guys i found this site called www.whattohunt.com it's kind of like an app for whats in season based on the hunting zone you look up.
  3. For Sale Ads - Other Stuff
    1985 M101 Canadian 1/4 ton trailer in good shape for $1200 (listed on CL for 1400 at http://vancouver.en.craigslist.ca/pml/clt/4304274684.html). Call Walter at 778-240-0174 if interested. Cheers
  4. Suzuki - For Sale
    91 Sidekick with a 5 speed. It has a Samuria transfer case. Engine Parts: New clutch Replaced all engine seals along with new alternator, water pump, timing belt and radiator, electric fan. Axles: Wide track Wagoneer Dana 44s, totally guted and rebuilt using all new parts including 5.38 gears...
  5. Newbie Talk
    Hello to all! I am semi-retired, have a F-150 4 x4 and love to spend time in the woods, exploring new trails. Looking for buddy to go hunting, 4 wheeling,camping etc. bye alexboy
  6. Hunting and Fishing
    If you want to save some cash and just challenge your firearms or hunting licenses. Here are the things to read. Canadian Firearms Safety Non - Restricted Manual Canadian Firearms Safety Restricted Manual C.O.R.E. The Conservation and Outdoor Recreation Education Manual 2002 C.O.R.E. Review...
1-6 of 10 Results