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  1. Suzuki
    Hey Guys and girls. I know I could probably find some more info about this by diggin. But I like info from the locals. I am just about to start my 5' SPOA lift on my Jimny. I have some 31's on 7.5" rims with an inch or so of backspacing. Do you think these will fit on my ride? Or will some...
  2. Newbie Talk
    Hey Guys, :help: I noticed gear oil leaking from my front left axle today onto the tire. I can't tell if its coming from the joint or from where! Enough to cause a small rivlet in my garage and the inside of my wheel well to be sprayed in oil. Damn, any ideas what is leaking in there, or...
  3. Newbie Talk
    Hey All, just got me a RHD Jimny Sierra. FOTB. Haven't even got 'er inspected yet! Got do a clutch on it though right away. Should I go centerforce?? Anyone else have one? I'd like to go with a 2-3" lift as well, any suggestions?
1-3 of 3 Results