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  1. Projects
    hey guys this is my work in progress. its a 94 Chevy suburban with a 454. As of right now it has a 3" body lift, custom paint, 37" iroc tires, new rims, a custom built roof rack I did and a custom built front bumper. we are going to doing a 6" suspension lift, on board air, on board welder...
  2. Fabrication
    We'll I spent yesterday building a custom roof rack for my 94 suburban. It's pretty big but it needs to hold my Spair tire, tools, shovels and a jack. We are also gonna be putting in on board air with a retractable air line and an on board welder still thinking about a good power inverter and...
  3. Trail Talk
    My buddies grandpa just died so we are taking him camping to just get away for a bit. I'm looking for a nice easy 4X4 trail in the okanagan or even a hidden trail that leads to a nice camping spot. Preferably near some sort of water, either a lake or river. I live in Surrey so i Don't know the...
  4. Trail Talk
    Hey All, New to kelowna, and just went out for some FSR exploration today. Went up McCulloch to Myra FSr I believe. The snow started around Km 3, with the road ending at KM 7 i believe. Lots of guys out sledding at the top, on my way down I checked out a couple offshoot trails below the snow...
  5. Chevy - Wanted
    hey i need a cross member that drops lower than the frame rails. i think the 203 cross member does this. the one i have now sits flush with the bottom of the frame. im located in kelowna. if anyone has one kicking around please let me know. my number is 604 932 7966 thanks!
1-5 of 5 Results