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  1. Member Classifieds
    SOLD Looking for group buy, Trades for??? - Jeep YJ or regular truck w/4x4 would be nice... take all, or I will part it out. - All VERY new - All priced to sell... Everything is currently mounted on an S10 frame and was running perfectly until I removed the engine and transmission for a...
  2. Suzuki
    So its getting to the point where I want to get lockers for my Samurai. I'm running 31's currently and have a sidekick transfer case that I will be mating to my samurai case with 4.16 gears. I would like to get ARB's as I still drive the truck on the road in the summer and sometimes in the...
  3. General 4x4 Talk
    It's now official; the noise in my rear end (insert snigger here) is my diff on its way out. I wasn't sure if it was gear related or bearings as the noise didn't seem to change much with different load (accelerate/decelerate), but when I had the vehicle serviced last, the tech said the lubricant...
  4. Wanted Classifieds
    I know its a long shot, but Ive got 35s on an auto(I know). Looking for a couple healthy 3rds with 5.29s. Or if someone can throw some gears in a 3rd. Locked would be cool, and obviously be more expensive. Just let me know price..
  5. Toyota
    Right now this is what I have Toyota w56 5 speed transmission from 85 toyota 4cyl 4x4. Marlin Crawler mc07r10 dual case adapter. Rear case clocked 10* for better ground clearance. Stock 2.28 gears in reduction box and and 23 spline Marlin Crawler 4.7 gears in rear case. Toyota driveshafts, 2...
1-5 of 7 Results