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  1. Suzuki - Wanted
    If you have a spare or know of one for sale I'm interested. Using my spare ecm and it burnt up, in need of another. :help:
  2. Suzuki - For Sale
    Hi all! Selling the pink beast... Shes a 1992 Sami, has a tracker engine for a bit for guts. It's pretty stock, so you can easily customize to your liking. 5 spd, left hand drive, soft top, 2 seater. $7000 negotiable.
  3. Suzuki - Wanted
    I'm looking for a Kicker style adapter to put a track/kick transmission with (hi/lo) transfer case adapted to the toyota transfer case for a Samurai. Want the twin case but the 1:1 of the track/kick to toy box setup. Possibly one already put together as well depending on price. Located in...
  4. Projects
    Can somebody tell wich kind of engine should I put in samurai? I want to put a turbo in it someday to add more power:)
  5. Wanted Ads 4x4 Only
    Need a set. Anyone want to sell in lowermainland?? Thanks
  6. For Sale Ads 4x4 Classifieds Only
    Email or call for more info, located in kitimat. Thanks http://skeena.kijiji.ca/c-cars-vehicles-cars-trucks-1989-Suzuki-samurai-4x4-softop-W0QQAdIdZ439060112
  7. Used Tires - Wheels Classified Ads - For Sale
    4 - 33x12.5-15 TSL Thornbird tires on 15x10 white modular steel wheels with 5 on 5.5 bolt pattern and 2.5" backspacing. 2 @ 25% tread, 2 @ 75% with some weather checking. Came off suzuki samurai will also fit tracker, f150, dodge 1500 etc. located in Kitimat. MUST SELL!!! To make room. Asking...
  8. Suzuki - For Sale
    emptying the shop. selling cheap all glass, doors(s/kick vitara etc) tailgates window regulators handles brackets hardware. 99-04 rear diff 4cyl autos. seats. ETC ETC ETC. $10 AND UP AS THEY SAY. EVERYTHING MUST GO BY SAT FEB 23 5 PM. BRING A BOX OR MILK CRATE OR W.H.Y. TO CARRY IT AWAY. 159...
  9. Toyota - Wanted
    I have a Sami with a Toyota SAS and am looking for a rear shaft that I can shorten to length. Let me know!
  10. Suzuki
    Just bought a G16A motor! 1.6L 16 Valve. Came with a sexy Calmini stainless header! Probably gonna do a rebuild on it first. I got time, and my 1300 is running fine. Any recommendations for an adapter and a rebuild kit? there is a couple out there, would love some feed back. Thanks!
  11. Trail Talk
    Anyone want to join me on a day trip to Hale or WHY ? I just finished my lift on my Zuk! Getting eager to try it out! Bringing out my 6 year old son and a friend in my vehicle. Figured since its the first time testing out my lift, I should go somewhere I somewhat know. Anyone in?
  12. Suzuki
    Hey Guys and girls. I know I could probably find some more info about this by diggin. But I like info from the locals. I am just about to start my 5' SPOA lift on my Jimny. I have some 31's on 7.5" rims with an inch or so of backspacing. Do you think these will fit on my ride? Or will some...
  13. Suzuki - Wanted
    I posted before but deals fell through. In need of an 84 and up Sami, SJ or LJ transfer case. thx Craig :help:
  14. General 4x4 Talk
    Hi Guys, Im getting antsy to order a SPOA kit for my Jimny and I gotta say I like the rocky road kit. Of course I can't ignore all the bad reviews about their shipping problems. Has anyone ordered from them recently? Or any other suggestions for a good SPOA kit? I am looking for a bolt on...
  15. Projects
    So first off I should say that I can never leave well enough alone. This is the result of almost a year of planning and designing on the front suspension and dual cases. My build thread for the front coil spring suspension I wheeled it hard this summer and it worked flawlessly, the only...
  16. Suzuki
    My 87 samurai wont pass aircare and its just driving like $#!t, running extremely rich and seems like the choke is always on. It's going through fuel like crazy. I was told it may be the mixture control valve but no t 100% sure. Does anyone have this part? or even just a carb setup that will...
1-16 of 46 Results