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  1. Projects
    hey guys this is my work in progress. its a 94 Chevy suburban with a 454. As of right now it has a 3" body lift, custom paint, 37" iroc tires, new rims, a custom built roof rack I did and a custom built front bumper. we are going to doing a 6" suspension lift, on board air, on board welder...
  2. Fabrication
    We'll I spent yesterday building a custom roof rack for my 94 suburban. It's pretty big but it needs to hold my Spair tire, tools, shovels and a jack. We are also gonna be putting in on board air with a retractable air line and an on board welder still thinking about a good power inverter and...
  3. Barter / Trade
    Will trade factory fiberglass running boards from a 94 suburban for fender flares to fit same. no cracks or breaks, blue in colour. in kelowna
  4. Projects
    95 Suburban IFS Delete! Copied over from Overland Canada: First some history: After my 93 Burb was stolen and taken to Stave to end her life (Story Here) I was in the market for a new beginning, my 95 full load bling bling: Not too long after the purchase came the IFS lift, some 35” KMs...
1-4 of 5 Results