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  1. Wanted Ads 4x4 Only
    I need a TPS for a 98 16v 1.6l engine. I think 98 is the only year that will work. Give me a shout if you have one thx.
  2. Suzuki
    Hey guys. i am in the market for a tracker. 2 door 4x4 stick shift. message me with what you have! thanks. :)
  3. Chevy - For Sale
    for sale: $1,950.00 cad=1991 GMC Tracker 4x4 runs well about 285,000 km, i spend around $1,500 for a top overhaul last year (still have the invoice),air cared till next year.. i installed a 2" hitch.for my bike rack..good in gas....just need to replace the clutch release bearing, you can hear a...
1-3 of 3 Results