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  1. Toyota Classifieds - For Sale
    I have front and rear rebuilt (aftermarket ring and pinion) differentials from a 1993 Toyota 4Runner (V6 3.0L) with 260,000 km. The front diff has no A.D.D. Geared for 5.29 ratio, no lockers on diffs. Bought this truck 5 months ago and these were the diffs that came on it. I'm not interested...
  2. Wanted Ads 4x4 Only
    As per subject line, looking for a 4:10 toyota third member for the rear of my 84 pickup. Needs to be in decent shape so that I can swap it in without a rebuild.
  3. Suzuki
    Anyone out there have a spare third member kicking around? my rear diff started making noise a few months ago and i'm afraid it's on its way out. Like I said, it's an 84 SJ410. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Chris
  4. Toyota Classifieds - For Sale
    Removed from low k. 1994 v6 Automatic truck. Removed and inspected and selling as a pair. $500. In Vancouver.
1-4 of 4 Results