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  1. Used Tires / Wheels - Wanted
    I am looking for some rims for my project truck. I live on Vancouver Island but head over to the mainland often. Let me know what you have...Thanks
  2. Jeep
    Hey, My stock 99 TJ needs new treads. It currently has 235/75R15's on it. It has what I think are called the steely rims (the ones with the weird hubcaps on it). I think it's an 8" rim. Here's a pic: I do some offroading with my jeep. I don't plan on putting a lift on it. I'm looking to put...
  3. Free Stuff
    I have 4 wheels that are currently on my truck and coming off next week. They are 38"x12.5x16.5 TSL super swampers and white spokes that have been painted black but currently brown from Stave!! There is no tread, so good for a mock up. I am based in Burnaby but the tires will be coming off at a...
  4. Toyota - Wanted
    Hello, I'm new here, and my purpose for posting is to seek help with my 89 Toyota p/u. I have 2 of them that are the exact same (one's an xtended cab). One I rolled last summer), and the new one has just stopped running. The common belief among myself and friends is that it's the head. I'm...
1-4 of 6 Results