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  1. Newbie Talk
    Hey guys I have just bought my 2002 nissan frontier aswell as just getting my license. I am looking for some good areas somewhat close to coquitlam to go offroading I am still stock (for now) and have just been running around eagle ridge but the city has just blocked off the easier trail I have...
  2. Trail Talk
    Anyone around here got any good locations for off season Camping in and around the Okanagan?
  3. Trail Talk
    Anyone know where to go wheelin in quesnel? I am new to the area and have been only a few places in southhills (by the dirt bike track and up the power lines a little past dragon lake) i'm just lookin for some decent muddin trails that my dad and i can go muddin at, and maybe some people to go...
  4. Newbie Talk
    Hello! My name is Sean, and I recently decided to get into offroading to facilitate my interests in backcountry exploring and hunting. I just had my ride built by Big Country Customs (huge shout out to Taran and the team for helping me with my unorthodox choice of base vehicle) and I'm looking...
  5. Expedition Destinations / Trip Planning
    Setting up another trip. This one again to Lillooet, but taking the Holbrook and Shulaps trails to see if we can get thru from the bridge river side to the Yalakom FSR sides. Again we're two toyota 4runners pretty laid back people seeing if we have some others who'd like to camp out for the...
1-5 of 5 Results