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    I have a Warn 9.5XP I am going to change to synthetic rope to make it lighter to move around (on reciever mount). I have only pre streched the wire rope and I have no pulls on it so it is LIKE NEW! NO kinks or burrs! Wire Rope 100ft - 5/16ths with hook - Asking $85 ZINC coated fairlead (not...
  2. For Sale Ads 4x4 Classifieds Only
    WARN Winch Rope and Fairlead I think I might make the switch to synthetic rope on my warn 9.5XP to make it easier to move (it's on a recevier mount) so up goes the wire rope... 100ft 5/16ths - like NEW. Never been used except for prestreching (ie. NO kinks, or wear and tear) and it has...
1-2 of 2 Results