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I have a '46 Bantam T3-C jeep trailer for sale.

This is the civilian version of the M-100 quarter ton military trailer and is highly sought after by collectors..

It has jeep 16" wheels, full-float jeep hubs, round fenders, the only difference from the military version is the civilian version has a tailgate that opens.

This trailer still has the original fulton hitch, single arrow tail-light (lense is cracked) etc. It could use a paint job but the trailer is all original and other than some surface rust, the sheet metal is very straight and in good condition.

I originally purchased this to go with my Willys CJ but sold the jeep and no longer need the trailer.

Price is $950.00

I live in Maple Ridge and can be contacted at [email protected]

Sales brochure from 1947 provided the following information:

"This sturdy 1/2 ton (onroad spec.) trailer, a product of the American Bantam Car Company, is aptly called a 'Covered Wagon.' To assure extra stamina for withstanding rough treatment and exposure to the elements, American Bantam specifies bodies in Yoloy, a high tensile Nickel-copper steel produced by Youngstown Sheet and Tube Company.

The 1-2-3 of Nickel Alloy Steel Bodies: 1) Deadweight Reduction--Thin, light sections of low alloy high tensile steels containing Nickel permit substantial weight reductions by providing the same strength and ruggedness as thicker, heavier sections of plain carbon steel. 2) Easy Fabrication--Compared to carbon steels of equal strength, these Nickel alloy steels show superior behavior in fabrication, including welding and cold forming, frequently effecting a decrease in working costs. 3) Corrosion Resistance--The ability to resist many types of corrosion is another valuable characteristic of low alloy high tensile steel sheets containing Nickel. This property helps to lengthen the service life of vehicle bodies."
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