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1978 FORD BRONCO 2 dr. w rear gate, $2500, Used, 4X4, Bronco Custom with factory Sport Pkg including roll bar, front and rear stabilizer bars, solid front axle, removable hard top, 351 Cleveland M with 4 speed trans. All original except front hubs. Largest and rarest Bronco ever made. The only full-size Bronco made without computerization, a catalytic convertor, pollution control, etc. Many in North America consider this to be the most powerfull factory built 4x4 ever made. All steel, chrome, and cast iron. This is what "Built like a Tank" really means. Parts are readily available at Nappa, Lordco, etc. I've never had to wait or special order any part for this truck no matter how large or small. New clutch, flywheel, starter, solenoid, u-joints, driveshaft, rear differential, fuel pump, heater core, blower motor, ps pump, etc. Interior in great shape, body not too bad at all. Runs like a top, and just keeps rolling.
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