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1980 Toyota 4wd
144xxx Km Second owner
Strong 22r Engine
Flowmaster muffler, No cat
5 Speed transmission
2wd-4wd-4wd Lo all work mint no issues at all.
solid axle with new wheel bearings
1.5" wheel spacers on front
Toyota v6 front brake system
Steel braided brake lines
U-bolt flip kit
custom tube shock mounts
4:37 gears front and rear
welded front
hy steer crossover steering
33x10.50 Bfg Mud terrains front 90% rear 50%
Frame is patched, work done professionally
87 widetrack rear diff,
63" chevy half ton rear leafs
Bilstein 5125 shocks

$3500 obo

For any info related to this Call 604-768-9375

No trades
Will not part out
http://vancouver.en.craigslist.ca/pml/cto/1644084843.html<<<< for pictures

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I'd give you 2 trucks 4 that they both have issues both are 90,22re,standard trans,4x4, and have same running gear so you gotta do a bit of swapping.
1 is burgandy 4 runner sr5 is my daily driver ,30 inch Geolander at,kn,airfilter,panasonic cd player,with amp,subs,reciever hitch,it will not pass Aircare idle test very high hyrdo carbon reading,did compression check,#4 head reading is low. rear window does not go up or down cause gears are stripped motor works,front right fender has been patched dented left door&rocker,no door key,no speedo , no oil pressure guage ,temp guage,no dash lights,head lights burn out every 6 months,runs good had motor rebuilt 5 years ago,has new heatercore,rebuilt w56 transmission.

2nd is red sr5 pickup with extra cab,bedliner,sony xplod deck with amp,and subs,bondo filled dent on left rear quarter panel of box, does not go into 4th gear,loud throw out bearing noise when clutch is not engaged ,needs cat,and tail pipe,needs alt,tires are not very good.
either put motor from truck into runner,or do a head job on runner, or throw trans, cat,alt,tires from runner into truck.Both trucks are under powered for towing a boat,but i do have 3 other old sr5 trucks 79-to 83 body style none of which can be insured,all have vi inspections.but one truck has a 3.8 liter Buick motor ,4 bbl Holley intake,turbo 350 trans,headers,with a Downey adaptor ,bolts right to Toyota t case.
You could easily install this type of running gear to make your existing truck tow like a donkey.
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