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1986 Ford Bronco 2 - 5 speed 4x4 2.9L - $1500.00

call after 6pm:

Aircared until June 2014
Runs great, awesome little truck
Stock - should be eligible for collector plates - original am/fm radio (like that's a selling feature) - factory paint
Manual windows - Manual locking hub locks

Engine has 163,050km truck has 306,302km - Motor replaced in 1996 (have receipt)
2007 (have receipts)
Replaced 2 outer tie rod ends, brake shoes, wheel cylinder, brake cable, 2 brake hoses, spring kit, 2 steel brake lines
Radiator (don't have the receipt)
Clutch kit, clutch slave cylinder, universal joint (have receipt)

2013 - New Battery + new muffler

Front - 2 Maxtour's 235/75/R15 (about 3000 km on them)
Back - 2 Dunlop's 235/75/R15 (500km on them)
Full size spare tire

Have original spare tire cover - cargo area cover - jack - owners manual

Has little bit of rust around back wheels, bottom of doors & front driver side bumper (small dent got hit) - turn signal still works - cracked windshield - small oil leak passenger side been leaking for 6 years hasn't gotten any worse. Back brakes not working. Line that runs down driver side has hole, rest of the brakes fixed (see above). front ones work fine.

3 owners 2nd owner had it for 9 months I've had it 6 years. Driven less than 2000km per year while I've had it.


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