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1992 surf ssr-g with recaro interior.
Every option except inclinometer.
I imported this truck two years ago, replaced the head before it failed with genuine Toyota casting and other parts.
This is a not a roll back like or patched together like other surf',s the head did not fail I replaced it due to horror stories.
How do you think other people found out that the head was cracked?
Most people who replace the cylinder head do not install a water temp guage.
If your going to buy a used JDM buy one from someone who knows what they're doing.
Other items of interest:
-Dark Blue
-JAOS Brush bar with two PIA lights
-EGT, water temp, and boost guages
-glow plugs
-timing belt
-both tensioners
-radiator flushed and pressure tested
-rear window motor
-viscous fluid in clutch fan
-air intake hoses
-cylinder head

Anyone interested in buying one of these should give me a call, give you some advise ( some of the 3.0L diesels still have head issues.)
Derek (seven-seven-eight-549-9445)
Buying a full size truck can't keep this one any longer..
criagslist link for pictures
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