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Hey guys, just joined up on your site again.....I've got too many Zuki pieces laying around, time to find a new home
This is my 1998 4 door. It's not running....been a couple of years. I never did diagnose the issue fully. I picked up another unit and decided to do a diesel swap. So this poor little thing is just sitting here and I dont have time to get the gas engine sorted out. It drove really well and would be a good candidate for a motor swap.... I have a second 16v engine that had head issues that I can include for parts. Or, if you have a 4 door that is falling apart, this one is pretty good. Shock towers are decent, has rust under the doors that appears to have been fixed with sheet metal. Floors are good. That windscreen was new just a few years ago, no chips at all. the rad is fairly new. tires are good. 296km on the clock. Manual tranny. Someone should get this running again instead of sitting here as my parts truck....
asking 1000$ with the second engine. Will not part out
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