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Originally posted by Throttle:
Anyone know what NSOR charges for a lift for an '89 XJ anywhere between 2"-4"??


That's a really tough question to answer, primarily because there is a huge difference in what's needed to lift an XJ 4" as opposed to 2". If all you want is a little more room for slightly bigger tires, you could go the cheap route and install 2" coil spacers up front, and 2" lift blocks in rear. If you want a 2" with more articulation, then you'd probably be into new coil springs, and lower control arms at the least.

However, if you want to get into 4", you'd realistically be looking at new rear leaves, front coils, possibly a new track bar, brake lines, lower control arms, possibly upper control arms, and a few other bits and pieces. There would also be the option of loweing the t-case an inch to avoid the need for a SYE and a longer driveshaft (seems some get away with the stock drive line, others don't).

I guess that didn't really answer your question, but I think you need to narrow down what you want to do to be able to pin down a price range. Maybe you already know all this
but I hope it helps anyway.

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