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Looking for options for before parking my Tacoma. ‘Simple’ brake job has gone stupid. ABS hydraulic control unit replaced two years ago with used from Alberta, $1100). Replaced again, as well as leaky wheel bearing. Now triggering uphill at 30km/hr.
Apparently no used units in Canada with exception of St Johns and brake shop says won’t buy from Maritimes. Toyota Canada says new units discontinued even if I was willing to pay big bucks. Last option is US $, if we can find one. Or need to know if anyone has successfully disconnnected ABS functionality. I’m told the unit is connected to same fuse as speedo and gauge cluster so may not be an option.
Seems to be a common prob so hoping I can find some ideas; love this truck - it's rigged for rooftop tenting and mountainbiking - thought I'd have it for a while yet.
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