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Below, please find a link to meeting minutes taken during the 2010 Annual General Meeting which was held March 20, 2010.

2010 AGM Minutes

During the AGM, Steve Dillen made reference to a document that accompanied a recent meeting that he had attended on March 18th. Our news article posting can be read here: Resource Road Discussion Meeting Held March 18th, 2010 We have since been granted permission to repost the the document that was received from the BC Government. “The purpose of this document is to provide to those interested in resource road management a summary of the current management system in place, some of the underlying rationale for that system, some implications of resource road management practices to BC, and to pose some thought provoking questions which may assist to capture the breadth of views about resource road management.” The document can be read here: Backgrounder - Resource Roads Briefing - MTCA

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