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Last week I ripped out the x-over on the exhaust, capped the driver side manifold and then ran a 2 1/4" down pipe from the passenger side and then made a y connector before the cat.

I have heard the the v6 x-over is a very power wasteful design. Anyways, after all the dicking around I'm not too impressed with the results so far...

Seems to me that the torque from idle to ~2500 is incressed (can run 4th gear at much lower rpms etc, 2nd gear take offs easier I think). Any increase/decrease of power at 3000rpm+ is not noticable.

Has anyone else done this or similar mod to the 3.0L??

I have a K&N 2 1/8" and 2 1/4" down pipes y-connected to a 2 1/4" cat to flowmaster 50 to 2 1/4" tailpipe.

The 2 1/4" cat and exhaust made a nice difference (not so much from idle to 3000 rpm, but above it was good)

The custom x-over to y-pipe I haven't decided if it was worth while or not...

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