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1- stock 318 manifold, can I mount a 4 brl carb, if so what carb?

2- if not, make of intake I should change to

3- does anyone have these parts for sale?
- carb 4brl
- intake
- throttle body spacer
- high output coil
- new plug wires
- front bumper (73 power wagon)
- shackle reversal kit
- add a leafs for the front
- 16 x 35 or bigger used tires
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You have to have a manifold for a 4bbl to be able to fit one on. I was looking at Edelbrock when I was think of putting a 4bbl on my 360.

I will have a front bumper for sale when I get my winch bumber. Hopefully in the not too distant future. It has almost all the chrome left on it.

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