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I did a 2 3/4 body lift on my scout. It may be similar to your Blazer.

1st I didn't drop the rad but did have to drop the fan shroud. Hasn't effected the tem at all.

2nd Of course I needed longer bolts for the mounts.

3rd The scout has a straight column that goes right through the fire-wall to a U joint. There is another short piece between the ujoint and the Rag joint.
1"lift - Where the scout steering column extends through the fire-wall there was a sleeve that held it in place. Had to loosen that off and push the whole steering column forward and through. This forces the angle into the Ujoint and eases up the angle and therefore the pressure on the rag-joint.

2+"lifts-A- Still to much pressure on the rag joint. In my case we cut a 8" square through the firewall that held the steering column and re welded it in place 2" lower.

-B- the other option that i've heard of for this is to cut the steering column inside the engine compartment and add in another ujoint.

-C- One other option I've also heard is to replace the rag-joint with a u-joint assembly.

4th Check all your lines and hoses that might we attached to the body. Some just needed there brackets loosend and slack pulled through but there were a couple that needed to be lengthend.

Well it was 4 years ago now so that's all I remember for now. There may be some other points I have forgotten.

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