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My Jeep won't shift in to 4high or 4low. There is no grinding or anything. Shifting down into 4high, it just feels like the stick hits a metal gate and stops. It will slide over, and also slides down towards 4low (with some resistance, but I think this resistance is just the rubber boot) but no grinding and no 4x4.
It was suggested to me to check out the vaccum lines, which I have done as best I can. Everything seems to be tight and connected at the front, but as I follow the lines back towards the transfer case, I noticed there is a 2 pronged plug/connector, with male and female components, that have come apart. I'm not sure if this is electrical or vacuum hoses, but I don't imagine they are supposed to be unconnected.

This thing is extremely difficult to reach, with my exhaust and such being in the way, but after about 15 minutes I managed to get them together. I started up the jeep and went for a drive to test it out, but still no 4x4. I went back underneath and noticed that the plug was disconnected again. Apparently whatever device used to hold it together is not working anymore.

Can anyone help me fix this, or even tell me if this is going to solve my problem? The dealership told me that there was definitely a problem with my transfer case, probably a stripped gear, but the responses on JU suggested it may be a simpler problem. Any help whatsoever would be much appreciated, I really don't want to take it to the dealer to have them bend me over.

thx again,


1991 2.5L 4cyl
30" BFG AT
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