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4x4 wallpaper

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Does any one know of any good sites to find 4x4ing wallpaper? All the offroad stuff is motorbikes and crap! Lookin' for local style wheelin' pics.
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I have new 4x4 wallpaper on my desktop at work every week, from my own trips. Get out there and take your own!

Greg Sue
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I have a good collection of wallpaper in my computer that I'd be happy to share. Unfortunately they're all of MY JEEP. Might not interest you

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Cambo, what kind of truck do you have, I have lots of toyota stuff I can email.


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Or whenever you come across a pic that you like on a website, you could just right click and "save picture as"....

I created a folder called "Photos" and then d/l pics i want into that...and "Photos" is subdivided into folders of themes...i.e. 4X4, space/fantasy, scenery, art, etc.

If the pic is too small though, it won't look good by the time it's "stretched" to fit the desktop. And you'll want to respect people's copywrite photo's. If you're uncertain, you can always email the site, and request permission.
Usually not necessary though, as long as you're just using the image for personal purposes....like wallpaper. Don't d/l someone's picture if their site says not to, and don't use d/l'ed photo's to put in anything that isn't strictly for personal use.

Wolf359 has some good ones. Just look for the "Hi-Res" ones. I have a really nice one from his Canada Day Trip.
http://www.gohumvee.com if you want to check it out.

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