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transferring my build thread from another site,
updated to my last post :p

this is my 4th comanche,
plans are,
finish the 4wd swap,
install the d44 with electronic locker,
and install my bush bumper with 8000lb winch.

then after all thats done,
get bigger tires! :D

now with the pics i have :banana:

first off bye to my other two :(

winch i scored :D

and my 1990 comanche laredo :MJ 1:

:rock on:

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honestly, this truck has EVERYTHING i have wanted and then some

and now with more pics :D

it also has the quartz mini clock & cargo light :D

more to come, will dig in it asap :MJ 1:

slowly but surely things are coming together,
get the last of my bushings tomorrow for the front and the the front will be finished,

spent all weekend with a torch and a bfh trying to get those damn sway bar link bolts out,
went to the h/w store and picked up a pit man arm puller,
popped out in a matter of seconds :thumbsup:
also picked up another flaring set just for the double flare dies :D

the finished product,
extended brake lines, new fittings flared on,
sway bar disconnect links + bolts installed,
had to haggle with the people down at lordco to get the bushings XD

im getting good at repairing tie rods,
found that the p/o sheared the cotter pins out and left em finger tight,
so extensive drilling/hammering and they are like new :D

and i scored this baby for 3 slices of pizza :D
looks like im getting a dual battery set up :jump:

more to come, going to swap trannys soon.
:MJ 1:

got the tranny out! :D
woulda had it out yesterday but i didnt have the e12 torx bit :ack:

Drive shaft out

starter off

broke 2 bolts, going to have to use the stock x-member,
the new one has 4 mounting holes instead of 8.

freakin expensive socket!
to tackle the top 2 bolts

out and carted away,
didnt stay on cart to long found carrying it much more effective

clutch has seen better days, but it will last for a while,
until i get more money ofcourse!

done for today

another project,
i dont wana torch em out, ill see if i can mock up a home brew bushing press

jeep on :rock on:
:MJ 1:

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started on my rear axle today,
shafts were not going in,
and NO i did not put them in backwards, ive swapped them multiple times to make sure.
cracked the lid, pulled the carrier found the culprit.

cover off

carrier unbolted

carrier out

you can physically see its not going in all the way :ack:

damm 2 part spiders are mis-aligned

more to come
:MJ 1:

fixed my locker.

i know this isnt the recommended way, but needed to get them started,
realized they are a reverse thread,, figured that after i couldnt turn them any more.

all dis-assembled for inspection,
its a 2 piece gear system,with an interference fit,
so when the guy at truck works assembled it he didnt watch to make sure they stayed in place.

making the bolts nice and snug with the axle shafts in the locker to KEEP IT aligned XD

a bit of extra grease to compensate for the grease that was absorbed into my hands :p

back in her spot

all bolted up and ready to go :D

rtv'd the cover, not fully bolted down, just enough for the rtv to come out the seam,
once its set up will snug it up

more to come like always,
need to install the new brake cylinders and then this bad boy is going into the jeep


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off with the old

on with the older!

my 1974 cj pilot bushing for my 1999 ax-15

clutch off, will last a lil bit longer, still has most the "friction" grooves

the damned flywheel it self, cant get the pilot bushing out, gone through lots of grease,
pilot bushing puller is discontinued from my parts store.

removing my slave cyl fitting for reference,
15.49 online +$123 shipping? i dont think so...

old vs new brake cyls

old vs new hardware

axle now complete

spring perches on,
pinion angle of 10 degrees,
and welded on the inside too

once i get that damn pilot bushing out, i will get that transmission in,
once i get that, then i can get my drive shaft shortened+installed
mount shocks, run brakes,
front uca bushings,

jeep on :rock on:

not much progess,
last couple days ive tried getting the damn pilot bearing out
tried everything
even rented a pilot bearing puller

went through an entire tub of grease :rotf:

pilot bearing remover,
(yes the other claw is attached :p)

didnt work

reigning champion :rock on:

shure showed it :shake:

good to go :MJ 1:

transmission and transfer case in! :rock on:
who needs a tranny jack when i have a sister?

my work station :shake:

more pics when more progress
:MJ 1:

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2" extra clearance,
and extra coverage,

can clear 35's with 4.5" of lift :D

jeep obsessed is running 5.5 and has 36 irocs,
from what ive read, its pretty magic

pre-pressurized clutch line came in the mail :D
gotta love rock auto

my transmission x-member gave me lots of trouble,
turns out the other mounting holes were covered in rust paint and undercoating
installed my x-member and the nuts were rotted enough for the threads to give out,
out comes the tap + heli coils

finally transmission is supported by its own,
no more jack

next project

:MJ 1:

out with the old

in with the dana-44 rebuilt, re-sealed and with a pozi :banana:

would have it strapped in and tires on,
but the u-bolts that were on the 35 are too short,
and all the parts stores close at 5 on sundays :(

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got some u-bolts bent up at truck works today,
same place my axle was built before i owned the truck (which i had to re-do XD )
turns out they made them a little too small,
i "made" them go on

axle swap complete

e-brake cable's installed

as far as i have gotten with my master cyl,
have to drill some holes in the fire wall

a stock vanity mirror,
i laughed my ass off when i seen it, any one else have one?

i think im doing good on this truck,
ive done alot of things ive never have done before,
first axle swap,
first 4wd conversion

more to come!!

axle shaft is getting shortened this week :jump:

finally got that damned bushing out,
glad i only had to replace the one ( was missing the sleeve inside)
i mentioned machine shop to my step father and he said he could get it out.
well he was right, its out :rotfl2:

empty hole

new bushing (have 3 spares XD)

then i beat the new bushing in,
used 18" of 3/8 extensions went right in after 15 mins with the BFH

all bolted up

truck supports itself again :yes:

getting closer every day,
to do list:
install front drive shaft
run rear brake lines
shorten rear drive shaft
tape measure alignment
get a new cps
drill holes in firewall for new master cyl
get stock air box or get 'warm air intake"
and get new pcv valve (sat on it while trying to undo the top torx e-12 bolts)

i cant wait to be able to drive a comanche again there is NOTHING like it :rock on:

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well got my master+slave cyl installed,
i got the pre pressurized package,
ROCK SOLID, never had clutch feel like this before,
our bmw and 2005 jeep wrangler unlimited doesnt even compare.
great investment :rock on: just had to drill 2 holes and after that it was bolt on :D

front axle shaft installed,
with the 4.5" lift the slip yolk only moved 1/4" roughly compared to stock

drive shaft getting dropped off tomorrow to get shortened,
cps comes in tomorrow as well :rock on:

got my new drive shaft installed today :yes:
even got some spicer u-joint

and new cps


all i gotta do now, is mount shocks (gotta fab mounts up still)
and run brake lines,
and grease and fill up with fluids :MJ 1:

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more progress,
took the truck for a spin, see proof it moves!
its in its spot the other way around

shocks mounted on the frame,
neighbor will weld my brackets on later this week,
wednesday or thursday :( id like it to be sooner, but
his welder his dime.

brake lines all mocked up for tomorrow! i get my extended rear line made up at truck works
will have full brake power,
yes i know, the line over the pumpkin is hideous,
but hey it gets the job done, i could have re-flared the line shorter but didnt see the reason to chop a perfectly good flare off

more to come!

:MJ 1:

got my brake line made up today,
well i really under estimated, so i had to route the line a bit different, lots of play now,
also my line doesnt look so hideous any more i still need to tweak it a bit to fit the axle but it turned out decent

also installed the front bumper gaurd XD

need to get around to swaping my other 97+ mirror on,
get the shock mounts welded on in the next day or two

get it insured tomorrow :MJ 1:


i do the shock mounts after school tomorrow :banana:
then she's on the road
:MJ 1:

had the death wobble,
what an experience, my jeep turned iinto an eep
and im shy of more than a few pairs of pants,
ive narrowed the problem down... (shhh)
i think its my track bar :shake:

i installed this steering stabilizer to mask the problem until i can buy another one

forgot to post pics of my shocks mounted :yes:

now time to start on odds and ends,
got my wiring harness adapter installed

re did all the connections on my positive + negative cables for my amp

got my subs installed.
i had to remove the top of my center consol to get it in,
then re-attach it

more to come
:MJ 1:

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decided to join the "cool" club
put my other 97+ mirror on :banana:

this is what i mean when i say i turned my jeep into an eep XD

during the install this happened, i dont know how but it did,
took a razor blade to the end of it until it popped back in

while i was out i decided to investigate why my left speaker wasnt working,


used to be electric :shake:
now they are manual :thumbsup:

went to a meet n greet today,
bout 4 people didnt make it,

but it was alright, all different rigs were there

new project,
do alignment proper,
chewed through a brand new set of rubber in roughly 2 weeks

TRE's rusted solid, a bit of seam foam deep creep
and this handy vice with the pipe bender and they came out like pie
clamp a vice grip as hard as possible on it, vice grip in tube bender, apply all weight on crescent wrench

cleaning the inside with the deep creep (breaks down rust)

purple power :D

all done, 1/8" toe in with tape measure

gotta start this project some time

:MJ 1:

recovered my buddys vehicle, its done,
but its in his yard now,
parts truck

jeeps to the rescue (well mostly jeep obsessed, couldnt have done it without him)

finally got my speedometer going
swaped gears, took a torch to it, hammered it out with punch while stacked up in sockets,
and install used a vice to press back in, dont have a pic of the final product but here is the left overs

dash ripped apart,
connected the other end of the speedo cable, in the process i some how made my oil pressure sensor on my gauge stop working,
will fix in the future

look all my interior lights work :yes:

changed my spark plugs

look at the gap old vs new!

time to take the old man topper off,
summer is here :rock on:

found some rust :(

upgraded from my non air box, warm air intake,
to the stock cold air intake

adjusted my e-brake more,
im almost running out of adjustment but atleast i dont roll down hills anymore

whats this thing do?
mine kills my truck when ever i plug the other end in

more to come,
almost snagged a set of brand new jks acos coil spacers,
too bad the seller had a winch, he said otherwise they'd be mine.

:MJ 1:

oh yeah.

went 4x4ing and i parked at the top of the mountain to enjoy the view,
starter gave out on me, luckily i parked on a slope and my buddy with gaintism,
he gave me a push and off we went.

so out comes the starter

bad solenoid vs good soleniod

back together and re-installed

ran a new ground while i was at it

on the road again

fixed my IAC, pulled it out cleaned it up,
took a screw driver and pried the seized solenoid free,
good as new, lost camera somewhere today, no pics :(

:MJ 1:

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enjoyed the simple things in life,
cleaned it head to toe just to get it muddy again

went about doing my brakes today,
worse than i imagined,
went 4x4ing 2 weeks ago and i heard a clunk and then my rear locked up,
my inspection before putting my professional grade pads on turned out displeasing

good side,
dont know where all the moisture came from, brake res. is full as is my rear diff (which has black fluid in it now :???: )
so much grease inside any takers of what it could be? (water from mudding?)

just a small amount of the grease inside

this is what fell out

the BAD side
looks can be deceiving, keep scrolling

BAM found the problem!

i need new drums

this is what fell out on this side...
yes thats a clutch dog, brake pads and retaining spring,
my old pin that held the retaining spring in failed from the e-brake arm shearing it in half


and this is where i called it a night

well, looks like im off the road for a few days,
im broke, atleast i wont spend money on gas :shake:

atleast my lug nuts are still good!! :rock on:

seems like i have an admirer,
found that a few days ago

after checking my diff i found the gear oil was black inside,
i made er puke :brows:

the hard ware

all bare

fully loaded

drums back on

good to go :rock on:

my work station,
dam rain :shake:

just have to wait for the diff cover to cure then i can tighten the diff back up and put fresh gear oil in,
also found a leaking axle shaft seal so i used black rtv to solve that problem, will be cured tomorrow as well,
then bleed brakes and im on the road again

:MJ 1:

went 4x4ing about a month ago,
bent my LCA mount,
finally let go

bent + twisted

straight enough

figured id spend more time bracing the old bracket, so i made a new one

out came the plasma cutter

old vs new

mocking it up, i think it fits pretty good :thumbsup:

final draft, cambered the edges to make more ridged

look at that not so good flex!

welding it on

bolted back into place :D

:MJ 1:

tid bit of an update
decided to reseal my axle shaft,
p/o cheaped out and used a destroyed seal when re-doing the axle

first time grinding off a bearing + retainer,
watched lots of vids, every one did it straight across which scored the shaft and destroyed the retaining plate
i did it on an angle, worked perfectly

see not a scratch!

pressing it on,
my man power didnt have enough force to press them on, ended up bending the bar
took it to school and used the 12 ton hydraulic press
took about 5 seconds to get it on the last inch

all pressed on and ready to install

also replaced my fuel filter,
im assuming the original was still on

also gapped my spark plugs to .035

more to come
:MJ 1:

picked up a 00 xj track bar for a case of Heineken i received for free

had to rip my passengers seat out to install my 4wd shifter,
drivers seat has one seized (rusted) bolt

insulation, looks like some one had a sense of humor,
they made a smiley face 8)

i found rust :(

new to me shifter

tight squeeze!

truck went under the knife again,
started out my 4x4 trip and BANG my idler pulley blew up,
limped er home after i got it spinning and it ceased solid when i got to the bottom of my driveway

old vs new, i also replaced the serpentine belt at the same time,
truck runs much smoother and more power ( which it lacks)

also picked up a new tool box! $50 :banana:

pics of the view of the mountain i climbed ( found camera at end of wheeling trip)


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more pics
did some light wheeling

and a flex shot, sway bar isnt connected on one side so it is free to flex :thumbsup:
i think i woulda had a bit more flex out of the girl if it was on flat ground,
was higher but did the 2 wheel tip :shake:

more upgrades!
v8 grand cherokee tie rod
new non venting vent window
new gears to match the front
and exhaust ( i also have 8 feet of 2 1/4" exhaust pipe just need the last bit)

moved the truck into the garage, it deserves to stay in here but i have some conflicting issues :shake:

polished the front while inside :banana:

installed my new to me 4wd shift plate

old window out

new window in

out with the old

look i know how to cotter pin properly!

new strong tie rod :rock on:

regear next week!
shims for my dana 44 come in tomorrow
:MJ 1:

swapped my taillights to a fresher pair from the pile

and then the fun began

that there is a brake caliper,
seems my bolts sheared off my caliper, made for an interesting ride home

the replacement hardware, decided to do both sides :thumbsup:

the easy side done

same extraction kit from my first manche :wrench:

all back together

now the real fun,
went decent first time re-gearing an axle and lucked out shimming wise

swapping rings over

the old pinion gear in the freezer and bearing in the toaster oven trick :thumbsup:

good to go! :D

3.55 vs. 3.07

all in,
i lucked out, the pinion gears had the same amount of shims needed
put new shims in from shim/gasket kit and checked the mesh pattern

everything good,
all bolted back up

and now for cleanup!

decided to wash my rims at my buddys,

still need to do exhaust :rock on:

the new gears is world of difference, also found a booboo inside that i corrected and boy she's smooth,
need to replace the speedogear next

jeep on
:MJ 1:

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just for the fun of it :shake:

and i love this photo i took :yes:

<!-- s:MJ 1: -->
<!-- s:MJ 1: -->

decided to chamge my oil pan gasket,
this is what my truck should look like for lift wise,
next year ill get some long arms

the gasket

oil pan ready to fall

pan out and cleaned lip, i also wire wheeled the bottom of the engine block on the sealing surface

and installed

now, rust repair
as far as i have gotten with the drivers side

now onto the passenger side
1st brace out

drilling spot welds out,

2nd brace out

and what was underneath,

plan is to remove all the metal from the unibody rail to the right and replace it all,
then to start on the left after i get the right welded and seam sealed

thanks guys!
and Dadinator no i didnt change the rms at the same time,
it is still sealing and i have plans to build a stroker after I'm done school in February :D
mountain man, id like to say yes 90% sure i did XD
time for an update, been slacking a bit i need my floor pans done asap

floor removed, doesnt look half bad i must say

everything sand blasted, ready to be galvanized

i hit it with rust converter ofcourse to be on the safe side

then i galvanized it

and some fun at work!
didnt go too high because i was getting looks from customers xD

more to come!

been a long time since ive updated this thread,
i am currently upnorth in dawsoncreek finishing my aircraft maintenance schooling,
so i rushed to get my truck finished for up there

Drivers side floor pans removed

pans all prepped to go into my truck
theese floor pans are out of a cherokee (96) it was a lot of work but i made them fit,
perfect by no means but a hell of alot better than before (many thanks to my neighbor for as i couldnt have done it without him)
the pan style is completly different from the center brace back so i had to rework the entire metal of the pan to suite my needs

mock fit amongst many

my rocker was rotten through here so i had to remove it,
bye bye

in with the new

repairing the inner pan of rot, i had to do the same to the other side as well

cutting the pans to fit

in this photo you can see the shear difference of the cherokee style of pan in the rear,
i had to rework all that metal for it to fit, and weld all the holes up that were not nessicary

the other side went much smoother because i was able to keep most of the original pan,
i had to rework this side the same way, the hole on the left with the 3 smaller holes is for a seat bolt/brace from the newer 91+ cherokee seats (yes i can now directly bolt in 97+ leather seats, which is one of the reasons why i decided to go with theese pans/brackets)

my drivers side seatbelt bolt was completley rusted to the nut on the inside of the rocker,
so i had to chop that out and make a new peice with a new nut on the inside (yet another setback to the repairing process)

this is the passenger side all welded together,
at this point i seam sealed it all up and called her good for now, bolted the seat in and went up to dawsoncreek to finish my schooling

i don't have pics of it fully buttoned up because i was in a rush to get up here,
it is a little dark out now, so when i get a chance i will snap a few photo's of the semi complete floor pans,
they are only primed at the moment, and i need to re-prime the drivers side when i get home, it is showing signs of minor surface rust due to all the salt on the roads and my feet,
more to come keep on jeepin :D

more pics,
look my seat bolts in! an upgrade to the one little 3/8th stud that held my seat on!
sadly no more auto recline feature tho while doing hill climbs

the said surface rust, ima pick up a can of rust killing primer to stop it before it goes intergranular

here you can see the ammount of "massaging" that is needed for the new floor pan to mate to the old pan
nothing like a big hammer and lots of tack welds

the passenger side, looks much cleaner because the lack of salt + snow XD

i also got around to installing my exhaust,
i had everything i needed for the longest time, decided that welding wasnt nessicary and used a bunch of u bolts,
i stretched and snapped the initial bolts to ensure a tight seal of the exhaust pipes,
and boy what a difference actual exhaust is.

my blower motor died on me on the way up to dawsoncreek,
i got a new motor, assembled it and its installed now,
no pics tho, but the heated cab is luxury :D

more to come :p
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