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95 cherokee with 97 tj motor. 155k on motor 175k on chassis. Clean, no leaks, body is not by any means mint (has its dings and scratches) but its a wheeler, what do you expect? 6" lift, 33x12.5 muds. 50% tread., auxilary fan, fire extinguisher.

Truck is a nice medium between still being fine for the road but will take you most places off road. Bought it as a project earlier this year, did the motor and most of what I have listed as "new", mostly maintenance things, havent gotten to the fun stuff yet but decided on travelling first... build toy later.

New: fuel filter, fuel pressure regulator, 8.8mm Aurora ign. wires, brakes (havent touched the front since i bought it but replaced rear drums and pads), front hubs, control arms, shocks.

Needs: -a new owner (ha)
-rear bumper (bought it without it),
-Front drive shaft has play in it...( again....bought it that way, havent got to it yet) still works
-Ign. coil. -story goes like this.... did motor swap, ran normal for 3 weeks, did a few trails no problem. died on me on the way to work one day but still ran intermittently. got it home....did some diagnosing, found coil wire wasnt giving me a signal for the timing. replaced all ign wires, had spare coil but was used (from old motor) tried it and truck fired and ran no prob but now it has a slight fart when you're only giving it a c hair of gas. I could take someone for a drive and they wouldnt notice but its there so I will mention it. Plan was for new Aurora coil (if its broke, upgrade dont buy stock) but its $400 bucks and I'm done spending on this one.

Not really looking for trades unless its something straight across...looking to leave the country not spend more money.




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