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steve25 said:
here is the link to the truck that he wants to buy tell me what you think here is the truck
Tough one. It looks nice, but a little too rich for my blood. If he'll be wheeling it, then he basically has two options that everyone would agree on.
A) Buy a new one and build it up - you get a brand-new warranty(depending on what you do to it) and you can choose your mods from there.
B) Buy a used one and build it up. The problem with used Jeeps is that if the previous owner added mods, then he needed them, therefore, he used them and probably beats his rig on the trails.

On the other hand... This does look like a nice Jeep. If your brother has the cash, then have a look at the thing, a susp. lift, new tires/wheels, and flares are pretty basic. Maybe he never wheeled it. In that case, you'd be buying a heavily driven (I think 80k Km in 5 years is heavy) '97 + over $3500 in mods. That basically makes this thing a $15,000 Jeep with all the work done allready.

Does your brother wheel as much as you do? jjk
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