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steve25 said:
How are these things my brother is going to the dark side and buying a jeep :)... Are the 97's any good do they come with a factory locker whats the 4x4 sytem Selct trac? I. 97 i said should be good it is the newer generation so he should not run into the older realiabily issues. hes 97 was listed at 19,000 with 80,000kms is this a good price
What older reliability issues?? You can still get them with the Dana 35 rear axle which is weak and if he is going to seriously offroad it, an axle swap should be his first consideration. Or he could find a TJ with a Dana 44 rear end.

As for a factory locker, there isn't one and I wouldn't pay extra for the Trac Loc limited slip. Just throw in a Detroit, ARB or Ox-Locker and you'll be set.

$19,000 for a used TJ?? Too pricey in my opinion, but then I'm cheap.

It only comes with Command Trac which is essentially a traditional part-time 4x4 system. In other words, when in 4x4, the transfer case ALWAYS locks the front and rear output shafts together. So your bro' can't use 4wd on the pavement. The majority of 4x4 trucks work this way.

Any TJ is good but if you're going to offroad a lot, swapping in a D44, Ford 8.8 or any other axle to replace the Dana 35 rear is highly recommended.


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