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Hey folks:
A couple of questions. I've got an 81 Jimmy that I did a little conversion to. The body had cancer so bad I pulled it off and put a pickup cab on it. I won't go into the nightmare it was to put a 2wd auto cab onto a std 4wd but I did it. I'm a fabricator and I built a little shorty box for it. It looks funky but its missing something. Question #1 I want to put an extended cab on it 89 or better. How much different are the mounts?
Question #2 How much hassle would it be to change out the standard trans I have to an auto? Maybe better to do both engine and trans?
OK three questions the reason I ask is that the 305 I have in there now delivers 300+ HP.
Any comments appreciated.

i dont know about the body mounts on a blazer and a 89 ex-cab, but...
to go to auto from standard wouldnt be to hard.
you need the tranny of course, your transfer case wont work cuz the splines are different on the tail shaft of the tranny of an auto matic.your motor would be just fine, chevys bolt up to any tranny/motor combo, you will need the rad from a auto, for the tranny cooling lines to go in to, your steering column would have to be changed to one with a shifter on it for the auto.you,ll need the linkage from the auto setup aswell.
front driveshafts are different too, the lenght is different for a 4 spd and a auto.
you probably have a 205 transfer case, most 4 spds did except in 74
so you will probably find a 203 cheaper than an auto 205 transfer case.
last week in the buysell there was a 75 blazer in there for $200, so if that was an auto youd be best off to get the whole works and then you will save time and money.
take care
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