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1)Stock Gear Ratio-3.73:1

2)engine sizes-1.3 liter (highly anemic at a whopping 55 hp)

3)how much lift to fit say 33 x 12.5's- about 7.5 inches to clear those, plus other considerations for clearance. Usually a spoa with some mild lift springs, however, there are a dozen different ways to fit 33's and make your rig flex like it was on coils (missing links, YJ spring conversions, etc)

4)And I guess any other info that you guys see relivent- Find one that is stock and in incredibly good shape, they're out there an reasonable priced. If you don't mind the lack of power on the hiway, get a GRSII t-case and rule the trails (4.89-1 reduction, woo hoo), or even a baby lobster case(4.16-1) will do, although I have my preferences. Spring over with missing links, long shocks and brake lines, longer driveshafts, lockers, and you're keeping up with the big rigs.


Mike Ellis
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