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about these tires?????

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Does anyone know about that big O bigfoot x/t and how are they..i saw them the other day and they have a pretty agressive tread so i was wondering if anyone experiance with them..thanks


84 Bronco II 302 ci. 3" body lift 4" suspension lift on 32" BFG MT's
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Depends on what you're looking for.

I'm running them on my daily driver and am pretty impressed so far. Have had them doing some fairly serious off roading and they behaved better than expected, almost as well as a mud, took just a bit of spin to clean them on occasion. On rock they grab very well. Have aired them down to 7lbs with no problem on snow runs & 10 lbs on rock (12.5 wide tire on 8" rim). They aren't as quiet as an all terrain on pavement but about halfway between the noise level of an at and an mt. Where they blow mt's away is on wet surfaces. The siping really makes a difference. Spent my first rainy day trying to slide the arse end out on the cj but they stick well enough that you might very well roll before ya slide (hmmmm, is that a good thing? ;0)

I'd give them a rating of 7.5 - 8 on a scale of ten for all round use. Add the warranty to that score and they rock.

However, gotta admit that my trail rig is running mt's because daily wet pavement conditions are not involved in that equation ;0)

Hope this helps

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