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Once again it was another clean up with good turnout.

I had the privilege of learning more about some acquaintances . I think I can call some of them friends now. There are some good people out there .

Tons of projects were completed. I had made a suggestion for one project which was blocking off a trail that ended at a cliff near our usual camp. If you are not familiar with it you could drive off that cliff as had happened on a couple of instances in the past. So……... the project was handed off to me. The Toyota Land cruiser club offered to join in on the project which was great. They had a visitor from Switzerland with them. He was driving his land cruiser from Alaska to South America and Calgary was part of his trip. When he heard about the clean up he thought it was a super idea and wanted to join in. The club did a fantastic job on building the barrier to make that area safer. Our next project was removing a couple of cattle guards from Meadow Creek trail. Some heavier equipment was brought in. The backhoe removed them and placed one on the back of the Unimog and the backhoe took the other one . The volunteers filled the ground in and we took the cattle guards to storage. Next… we checked in at the bog. More volunteers were replacing the fence that some people had torn down around the bog. When we got there, the project was almost done. Headed back to camp for a good BBQ and raffle.

Great end to a very successful day.

Grabbed a bit of footage


and some pics

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