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You've done a body lift on a fullsize blazer?? I think?? How'd you extend your shift linkage?? do you have any pics you could post or email me??
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he's never here.
bow350tie said:
he's never here.
Don't you mean "she" :soso
Sorry guys , actually missed this one. yes I do check in but have been super busy at work- way too many hours. When I get home tonight I'll post
cool thanks, this way i'll have something to do on sunday other than cure a headache:violin :laugh
Number one- what t-case are you running?

are you auto or 4 speed?
auto 700r4, 305 motor, 208 transfer
still needing help if you get time, thanks
A piece of flat bar with a couple of holes drilled and bolts will work for the t-case

Never workd on a 700R4 butwould think the little quarter inch round bar should be cut in half and extended with a bar (1/4 inch round bar)

700r4 - you should consider that with a th350.

what size are your tires
thanks whitenight. My tires are 35's but when i get my 383 and my new tranny th400 or 350 undecided at this time, i will also be upgrading to a 205 transfer and 38.5 boggers as well as a 3in body that will already be installed and an 8in susp lift if all goes as planned:D Yeah i'm a wannabe old style whitenight in the making LOL, guess i'll have to re paint it blue or something:laugh.
You wouldn't happen to know where i could find some pics of this modification would you?? I tried CK5.com but the search isn't working as easy as i thought it would
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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