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A friend and I decided to stop in to the Engstrom cabin land up Nickle Plate Rd. I've visited about 10x previous, this was her first.
The last time I went, summer of 2020, I collected wood, made a fire, ate, and something told me that should be it, to pack up and go, and dont tent overnight as planned. Off the dog and I went.
This time, as we walked around, noticing the charred remains of the 'main house', there were lots of things gone. Any artifact of age, appliances, farm equipment, or the doors with the family crest are vanished. Animals have made dens in the red cabin, after flooding wiped out most of the ground level. Sadly, most cool treasures are gone.
I know of a squatter with dogs was once staying there, but clearly no one does now.
However, we did not feel alone there, the whole hour hiking around. It is still a very 'active' place in another sense. We took pictures randomly, and later on noticed some very strange things in the photos later. Has anyone else whose visited had this weird feeling, taken pictures of this landscape to find questionable images or had some other kind of otherworldly experience here? I feel there's so much more to the story of the family who apparently fled there years back? Any kind of info would be helpful, thank you!
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