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Lately Larry and I have been noticing the headache level of this BB has been increasing for us. BC4x4.COM is run by 2 people (Larry and me)who have full time day jobs in addition to BC4x4 which uses up another 35-up extra hours a week of our time. We are not making a bundle of money at this. We do however really enjoy working on this website so when something comes along that makes it less enjoyable we have 2 choices : fix it or dump it. This BB is in that position right now.

So here are the rules for usage of this board :

1)DON'T HASSLE the moderators, they are doing this for free. Their decisions are final. They rule their forums and if you don't like what they decide start your own website.
2)Trash Talking : If you can't take it don't give it. Resist doing it!
3)No racist,sexist or homophobic messages. No EXCEPTIONS. Do it and your gone. If you can't understand this we don't need you here anyways.
4)Keep the non-4x4 messages to a minimum.
5)Keep the 2 word useless messages to a minimum. Email or get ICQ for that.
6)Reason for 5 and 6 is that BC4x4.COM is using up a LOT of bandwidth. Bandwidth that costs us money and with the huge growth in usage of this bb is going to cost us a lot more. Larry and I will make sure it's covered but only if this is a QUALITY board.
By quality we mean, discussion of 4x4 tech and ideas and what is related to four wheeling. We will not finance a chat room for general chat about non 4x4 related topics.
7)If you have a legitmate problem with something on this board or anything on this website please contact Larry or myself directly. If you see something offensive or a thread is out of hand contact us directly. Everyone is very busy so the moderator or Larry and I may not have seen the message. Here are our email addresses : [email protected] or [email protected] .

Thank you.
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