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BC4x4.COM fleece vests are now available!

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Bask in the glow of unadulterated attention by slipping into the warm, loving grasp of a fleece BC4x4.COM clothing. Attract the opposite sex, or even both opposite sexes, and become the willing object of their carnal desires.

For the Christmas season we offer fleece vests and cotton hoodies. They are availalbe in any colour you want as long as it's black or blue. No other colours are available and only these two products are offered. No T-shirts, hats or anything else.

These vests are available in dark blue with grey accents (as pictured) or black with grey accents (as not pictured). The official BC4x4.COM logo is lovingly stitched (it is not a patch) into the vest by a team of fully trained and heavily sedated and enslaved squirrel monkeys. A full range of sizes is available.
The cost is a mere CAD$45 plus GST and PST. There is an extra $5 charge for those of you that need XXL or $10 extra for XXXL.

The Hoodies (not pictured) with BC4x4.COM logo are available for $38 plus GST and PST. Available in solid black or solid dark blue in standard sizes.

All orders must be pre-paid. If you'd like to enlist in the BC4x4.COM fashion army, send an email to [email protected] to arrange pre-payment.

To own one of these is to own a vest.



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i want one and the girl umm does she come with ?:D
Toynut said:
i want one and the girl umm does she come with ?:D
Maybe, but it has been said that she does not come with Wil. :p

I will not miss out this time on the hoodies.
Are they made of that same Velcro material as the one that Wil is wearing there? I like what they attach to. :)

... and where's his other arm?
ill take one of the hoodie and TWO of the girl:D
:D BC4x4 furryfuzzyfleecyvests rock! I love mine

Thanks Wil :D
ill buy a large dark blue hoodie . (Larry) Can I drop the $$ off at your house or somthing?
KEV said:
ill buy a large dark blue hoodie . (Larry) Can I drop the $$ off at your house or somthing?
Yup. Send me an email if u need directions.


I would like a L black hoodie, r u taking mail orders?
cowboy said:
I would like a L black hoodie, r u taking mail orders?
Send an email directly to Wil to place your orders:

[email protected]


This may sound dumb, but what is a 'hoodie'.
Lars , did ya get my e-mail? Just need to know what time and where to drop the money off.
A hoodie used to be called a 'kangaroo jacket'. But after the uproar in Australia regarding all the kangaroos, their national animal, being slaughtered for their hides to make, among other things, jackets, the name was abandonded. Clothing makers in the northeren hemisphere wanted nothing to do with the beleif that their 'kangaroo jackets' were actually made from the fur of the kangaroo, so they coined the term "hoodie".

A hoodie is really just a sweatshirt with a hood.

The kangaroo in Australia in a treasured animal, held in high esteem as an icon of their country, similar to our beaver. Sadly, because of this selfish need of the upper class to be seen in the most expensive and trendy 'kangaroo jacket' available, that animal is now on the endangered species list.

Kangaroos are endangered species??? I find that hard to believe, they serve Roo burgers in Australia.
If so, its their own damn fault for jumping across the road and getting hit.
Only some kinds of Kangaroo's are endangered. There are still a hell of a lot of them.

i'll be going out at andrew's place to check out the jeep so i'll stop by your place and give you money for 2 hoodies. one for me and one for amanda. i'll give you a call before i come over.

so would all the chicks dig the roo jacket ?

lets see a pic of that
Ordering is now closed. Wil is on his way to the embroiderer's right now.

Send an email to [email protected] if you have questions regarding your order.


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