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If rust resistance is a factor, any of the Chrysler Jeeps would be a recommendation, particularly from '90 onwards when the galvanization seems to be especially good.

I particularly recommend the YJ because I have a lot of experience with one. ;-) Easy to work on, and easy/cheap to modify. A spring-over and 8.8 rear end and a rear locker will result in an extremely capable 4x4. Because the tires stick out beyond the sheet metal, it takes a lot of effort to damage the body on tight trails.

Accessories and upgrades for YJs are widely available and often reasonably priced.

The 4.0 and 2.5 motors are reliable and run fine at any angle thanks to the factory fuel injection systems. Power output on the 4.0 is great and torque is also very good. The 4.0 is one of the all-time great 4x4 motors.

The best YJ years would be '94-'95.5 with the '91-'93 a close second.

The squarish shape makes it easy to build accessories such as front/rear bumpers, winch mounts and rocker armour.

Samurais and Land Cruisers share these qualities (and have beefier drivetrain components for their respective sizes) but, unfortunately, they don't fare very well in the rust resistance department.



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