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a while back I was asking about the 2.8L and what kinda mods were availible for the little motor, and someone told me that you did a few things to your 2.8L and you were pretty happy with it, so I was just wondering what you had done to it to get a little more power out of her?? thanks

84 bronce II, soon to be lifted (wishfull thinking), kick ass stereo.

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Its a fairly long and disorganised set of mods, but let's see if I can remember it all...

K&N filter in the stock cleaner (but with a second air intake added)
Carter 400 cfm 4-barrel on the Offy intake (which also has the ports to add Nitrous-maybe one day....)
Custom cam (of unknown grind-it was added before I bought the engine)
Duraspark (vacuum-advance style) distributor
MSD6A brainbox
Remote dual oil filters
86 Aerostar factory "headers" (tubular manifolds, but with MUCH larger diameter pipes and collectors than the BII version ever got!)
Dual big-block catalytic converters
Dual 2 1/4" exhaust with dual bullet mufflers (out of a mid-90's Mustang GT)

And a few other things which have an effect on performance from the 2.8

Flywheel and pressure plate from a 76 Mustang II (larger diameter)

Clutch disc modified from a 68 Galaxy

Swapped the 3.73 gears and 205/70's for a set of 4.10's and 32" tires (which make the stock speedo gear more accurate now than when the truck was new)

I haven't updated it for a while, but most of the specs are listed on my web page http://www.Broncenstein.homestead.com/Untitled1.html

Blue coyote
"Broncenstein" is:
chopped 84 BII
(early model Navigator)
6" lift, 32's
4.10's w. rear l/s
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